Nick Natrella writes for Positive, the community of changemaker businesses about the dark side of all things chocolate, and how a few pioneering companies are challenging business-as-usual.

Bringing Positive Change to Cocoa Production

Eating an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year, which is an average of 11kg per person…

Aduna, a Positive Founding Member, has a Resounding Commitment to Change, and Embodies the Values of the Positive Compass.

Written by Mia Brown.

Positive Impact Community: Aduna

95% of people have never heard of baobab. If there was a global demand for it, the circular economy would flourish, degraded soils…

Aged 22, Jay Shetty turned down highly desired corporate job offers — leaving behind bewildered friends and family — to become a monk. 3 years later, he ditched this isolated, celibate life to launch his entrepreneurial career in a bustling city. Did he fail in being a monk? Absolutely not…

Positive - The Regenerative Business Movement

Empowering a Regenerative Economy and supporting changemaker businesses make a Positive Impact.

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